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SARMS Global is a leading provider of SARMS research chemicals in Canada. We are the most competitively priced SARMs provider online.
Research in Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators has increased in recent years, necessitating new sources to buy SARMS for scientific investigation. Increased access to SARMS chemicals will help to improve understanding of these chemicals and their potential uses. Research generally centers on muscle growth with SARMS, impoving endurance using SARMS, effectiveness of SARMS in reducing body fat, as well as potential longevity effects of SARMS combined with improved muscle mass.
Research is ongoing, and SARMS Global aims to improve access to these chemicals in order to further our understanding of them. For those looking to buy SARMS, we offer a range of chemicals in both liquid and tablet form. You may click the "Buy SARMS" button in the top menu to browse our inventory, or click here. Products we offer include:
Gw501516 Cardarine
Lgd4033 Ligandrol

Mk2866 Ostarine
Mk677 Ibutamoren
Rad-140 Testolone
S4 Andarine


The SarmsGlobal mission statement

As one of the first sarms companies on the Canadian market offering sarms products, we have elevated the sarm users experience to a higher level. Maintaining the highest sarm quality standards, we constantly strive to improve on our sarm formulas to ensure that the end users always gets the best possible sarm products we have for sale. Being a consistent distributor of androgen receptor modulators comes with a certain responsibility. Here is a link regarding just how serious we take our sarms quality control. 

Here at SarmsGlobal we take sarm quality control very seriously. We review every fresh batch of product we have for sale by running monthly tests. This ensures that the product you buy is better then the last. All sarms are sent to a trusted laboratory for full analysis to determine the quality and quantity of the sarm being tested. By consistently following this protocol, we ensure all sarms are pure and potent. No other sarms companies take quality control this far but we are too proud to offer our customers any less. 

Many of our customers who buy our premium grade sarms have been loyal to our brand since our inception. When you buy any sarm we have for sale, we take your business personally. We want return customers not one time buyers. As your new distributor we provide you with in depth information and details about every product we carry. Other sarms companies are only out for one thing, your money. Sarms are our passion and through personal experience and research, the knowledge we have is something other sarms brands just cannot provide you with. Having us as your distributor gives you the comfort of knowing that your sarms experience will be a safe experience and any advice or coaching you need is only one email away. 

We guarantee all sarms shipments so anything you buy from our sarms site that is for sale will always find it's way to you. That is our sarms distributor promise. All sarms purchases you make are often shipped the same day you buy from us. Many sarms competitors take days to answer and fulfill orders. Our staff is ready to fulfill your androgen receptor modulators the day you buy your order. 

Packaging of your sarms order is also something we take pride in. Every sarm we package is bubble wrapped and carefully placed and sealed to make sure your order comes to you the same as it left our sarms facility. We want to make sure when you buy any of our androgen receptor modulators that our sarms arrive to you the same way they leave our sarms facility.


Are Sarms legal to buy?


The answer is yes, sarms are legal to buy but only for research purposes. We can not tell you to use androgenic receptor modulators yourself but we can give general advice from our own experience. As a trusted sarm distributor we have to abide by the law but at the same time we can give as much advice as you need. All sarms we have for sale are legally allowed to be sold for the purpose of research. If you are purchasing a sarm from us or any combination of sarms products out of Canada, be sure to check the legality in your home country. Not all countries share our sarms laws and we want to make sure your sarms shipment safely makes it to you!


What is the difference between sarms and steroids?


The difference between a sarm and a steroid is actually pretty substantial. Steroids have mostly all been around since the early 1970s. Many of the various types of steroids are old, crude and quite toxic. Side effects are something easily pulled up with Google. Even examples of death for many users who have abused them. Sarms on the other hand are modern. With recent steps in science and engineering, sarms are built without the dangers of older, outdated androgen compounds like steroids. There is not one documented case of death or even something serious from the use of sarms. What would you rather trust? Something invented 50 years ago or androgenic receptor modulators invented the last ten years by scientific engineers? Choosing which to buy has never been more simple. 
How about the results? Do sarm products measure up to the strength of androgen based steroids? You better believe they do. Just look at the past decade of bodybuilding alone. Many of the competitors are bigger, leaner and harder than before! Sarms has evolved the bodybuilding world and taken it by storm. Just Google sarm testimonials from many of the sarms users around the globe and you will see how amazing their results have been. Many athletes now choose only to buy sarms rather than buy old fashioned outdated steroids. Why would you risk your health and buy a product with so many known life threatening side effects? 
In this day and age, sarms are the one true option for optimal results with little to no side effects at all! With a sarm cycle you gain mass, cut fat and increase endurance comparable to nothing else. 


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