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This is a cycle for those who are advanced athletes, not casual trainers. For those who are extra serious about performance and their physique or even for those preparing for competitions, this cycle is perfect for you! Since this cycle has multiple compounds, we will provide a more detailed explanation of how to take them. Ostarine tablets are to be taken roughly six hours apart from morning and afternoon. Cardarine should be split into half ml doses morning and afternoon. Testolone should be taken at the same time daily roughly an hour before training. YK11 should be taken daily post workout. The premise of this cycle is to increase your power with Ostarine and boost your metabolism and energy with Cardarine. The addition of Testolone and YK11 are like a cherry on top. Testolone also known as Rad140 gives an extra boost in power and anaolic effects, allowing for even greater performance in the gym, even when restricting calories to lose weight. YK11 has great myostatin blocking effects which prevent you from losing muscle while dieting which is very hard to do in most cases. Don't be surprised if your weight stays the same yet your body fat percentage drops significantly during this cycle. For those with more calorie restrictive diets you should find your results almost immediate. The synergistic effects of Ostarine, Cardarine, Testolone and YK11 are off the charts! Take this cycle for 8 weeks then give yourself 8 weeks off for optimal results.

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