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This is not a cycle for beginners just starting out in the gym. This is a sarms cycle meant for those who are reaching the peak of their natural size and need a boost to push past genetic limitations. The protocol for using this cycle is as follows:

  • Take two tablets daily of Ostarine. Once in the morning and once roughly an hour before your workout.
  • Take 1ml daily of Ibutamoren before bed.
  • Take one tablet of Testolone in the morning and an hour before your workout.
  • Take one tablet of Ligandrol in the morning and an hour before your workout.
The results of this cycle come almost immediately. Within a week you should feel a drastic change in your preformance and energy levels. It is highly suggested that a properly designed high calorie diet is combined with this cycle to optimize the muscle gained. That along side a detailed workout regime to ensure you get the real results you are looking for. Sarms are like nitrous to a car engine so make sure you are eating and training sufficiently so the sarms can work their magic! The sarms trio as we call it for anabolic potency are Ostarine, Testolone and Ligandrol. Each of these compounds on their own offer incredible anabolic benefits and increases to power and energy. Combining all three makes you into the ultimate muscle building engine. You will tear through workouts with power like you never experienced. The addition of Ibutamoren provides a Growth hormone like mechanism to allow your body to heal and repair fast so your next workout will leave your body feeling fresh able to push through another weightlifting warzone!

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