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Sarms are a perfect compliment to females who have ambitions of losing weight while retaining muscle simultaneously. From our experience in multiple trial studies we have found that 10mg of Ostarine tablets combined with 12.5mg of Cardarine liquid formula daily provides the optiomal result. So what would a cycle like this offer? Remember that this is not a cheat. Clean eating and proper training is highly suggested in combination with these compounds. The results however are unbelievable. You can expect an intense metabolism boost from the anabolic effects of Ostarine along with the energy rush from Cardarine. A clean energy rush without the jitters of stimulants. Improvements in fat loss and muscle firmness should be noticed within a week! The most amazing part of this cycle is when it is all over, you will not bounce back and regain all of your lost fat like you do with normal stimulant loaded fat burners. Your metabolism will continue to preform, as will your energy levels! If you are worried about gaining too much muscle or losing your feminine features, you can put your fears to rest. This sarms dose of Ostarine and Cardarine are perfect for females and carry no androgenic side effects! Take one dose daily at the same time each day with a meal. We highly suggest taking them within 90 minutes of going to the gym so that you can enjoy the enhancements Ostarine and Cardarine provides. Keep your cycle to 8 weeks and give yourself 8 weeks off before trying another cycle for optimal results.

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