YK-11 In Tablet


What’s Inside?
YK-11: This compound distinguishes itself from typical SARMs by not only binding to androgen receptors but also inhibiting myostatin, a protein that curbs muscle growth. This dual action facilitates unprecedented muscle development, setting YK-11 apart as a revolutionary muscle booster.

Why Choose YK-11?

  • Superior Muscle Gains: With YK-11, surpass your genetic limits for muscle building, thanks to its myostatin-inhibiting prowess.
  • Bone Health: Beyond muscle, YK-11 enhances bone density and health, promoting overall physical strength and durability.
  • Minimal Side Effects: Despite its potency, YK-11 minimizes common androgenic side effects, offering a more targeted approach to muscle growth.
  • Advanced Compound: Ideal for seasoned athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking an advanced edge in their muscle-building endeavors.