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  • All information provided on this website is to be used exclusively for research and information purposes only. This website is intended to provide information for scientific and educational purposes.
  • Products sold on this website have not been fully tested for safety in humans or animals. Because these products are intended for research purposes only, the buyer acknowledges that sarmsglobal.com has not tested fully these products’ chemical, toxicological or physical properties. The products sold on sarmsglobal.com are not intended for consumption in any manner, nor are they intended to be used for the production of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics or any other modified end product for human or animal use. If products purchased on sarmsglobal.com are to be re-sold or used to create another end product, the buyer assumes all responsibility for the safety of said products. Misrepresentation or outright failure to declare that end products for human consumption have been created with the chemicals sold on sarmsglobal.com is strictly forbidden and the purchaser of the chemical(s) assumes all responsibility for proper disclosure. The buyer assumes responsibility for ensuring that products purchased from sarmsglobal.com are approved by the TSCA and/or WHIMIS. The buyer assumes all risks for experimentation with products purchased on sarmsglobal.com as well as any risk to ancillary personnel.
  • No product offered on this website, nor any product associated with this website, shall be used for human consumption at any time or under any circumstances.
  • The purchaser acknowledges that no product sold on sarmsglobal.com is a prescription drug and as such they have not been deemed safe for human consumption by Health Canada
  • Experimentation in humans or animals with products sold on sarmsglobal.com is strictly forbidden
  • Products sold on sarmsglobal.com are not listed on the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in Canada. You, the website user, are responsible for knowing the laws in your country as they pertain to the products sold on this website. Sarmsglobal.com is not responsible for users who violate the laws of their country, and expressly condemns any action which may be construed as criminal.
  • Laws may vary by region as they pertain to products sold on this website, and sarmsglobal.com is not aware of the laws in every country. It is understood that any use of this website or purchase made from this website is done at your own risk. No waiver of any term of these terms and conditions shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term.
  • No product sold on sarmsglobal.com shall be used for creation or support of illegal drugs. This website does not endorse or condone any illegal use of products sold therein
  • The purchaser of any products on sarmsglobal.com assumes any and all risks associated with consumption or distribution of these products
  • Sarmsglobal.com products are intended for use by trained scientific researchers with awareness of how to properly handle, store and dispose of these products. It is assumed by sarmsglobal.com that anyone purchasing products from this website fits these criteria. Anyone purchasing products from sarmsglobal.com without proper scientific credentials assumes all responsibility
  • Sarmsglobal.com is not responsible for the manner in which products sold on this website are used. Once delivery of products is made, control passes to the purchaser and along with all liability
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase products from this website and able to provide proof of age
  • It is assumed that all communication from you, the website user, is truthful in nature. Sarmsglobal.com is not responsible for the truthfulness of users of this website
  • Sarmsglobal.com offers no express nor implied warranty that the products sold on this website are fit for any particular purpose. Fitness of these chemicals for a particular purpose is to be determined by further research, which is out of the scope of the supplier of the chemicals, sarmsglobal.com
  • Sarmsglobal.com will guarantee that products sold on this website will conform to the specifications listed on this website, however any misuse, damage or failure to follow instructions (when applicable) may result in revocation of this guarantee. Determination of these factors will be at the sole discretion of sarmsglobal.com.
  • Sarmsglobal.com will make every reasonable attempt to ensure delivery of products sold, but shall not be responsible for lost or stolen articles
  • The buyer, his or her successors and assigns, agrees to hold sarmsglobal.com harmless from, and will indemnify, sarmsglobal.com from damages caused by the use of any product purchased from this website.


  • Sarmsglobal.com shall at no time be liable on any claim of damages arising from use of this website or its products in excess of the purchase price of said products. Nor shall the heirs or assigns of sarmsglobal.com be liable.
  • Sarmglobal.com is not responsible for the illegal use or purchase of any products from this website and further to this the purchaser accepts all responsibility for any legal fees or lost income incurred by such actions.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the directors, employees and agents of Sarmsglobal.com from and against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation, reasonable legal and accounting fees, alleging or resulting from your use of Sarmsglobal.com services or your breach of the terms of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all purchases made on this website, past and future and for all time.